What is this site?

In spaces where people come together, especially at parties or festivals where people are figuring out and evolving their relationships with their friends and with new people, having strong consent skills in the group is great: everybody gets to have more positive interactions, negative interactions happen less frequently, and people know how to negotiate them if they do happen.

This site exists to support event organisers to promote consent culture at their events, to provide resources and training, and to host discussions: not only to grow capacity among people who are leading this work, but also to have an open dialogue with the communities that this work is for, and make sure that we’re all on the same journey to the same place.

What can organisers do to promote consent?

  • We provide a free PDF of consent posters to print out. Bathrooms, bars, and lounge areas are good locations to place a poster and start a conversation or a moment of reflection.
  • Many events open with a few housekeeping notes. This is a great opportunity to make it clear that consent is important to you — it primes people to think about the way they’re treating people and being treated, and it signals that organisers would be open to conversations about this topic.
  • Setting aside scheduled time for a consent workshop can bring a community together, set the tone for an event, and develop everyone’s understanding of social dynamics.
  • For some events, especially where there’s a dance floor or party space, it can be really good to provide a designated, visible consent guardian to speak to about consent questions or breaches. It gives event attendees a sense of safety and accountability, makes it more likely that people will speak up when things happen that weren’t OK, can be a source of support for people whose boundaries have been crossed, and provides organisers with an overview of how the safety of their event could be improved.